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Is Your Home’s Crawlspace Affecting Your Health? Request Free Estimate

Many older Chicago area homes were built with crawlspaces for easier access throughout the home and reduced building costs. What the builders did not know is that this can cause a dangerous situation within the home years later. Health issues have been linked to crawlspaces nationally and if you have a crawlspace in your home, knowing and recognizing systems is essential to avoiding these issues. Learn more about the potential health issues and how you can eliminate these issues here.


The enclosed crawlspace is the perfect area to create and box in Radon. Radon is a dangerous gas that can be created in humid areas such as your home’s crawlspace. It is an odorless gas that you will not know is in your home without testing. Enough Radon over years has been linked to major health issues such as lung cancer.


Mold grows in areas of high humidity and can quickly show up in many areas of your home. Mold can cause breathing issues for those with underlying health issues such as asthmas, extreme allergies, and even affect the nervous systems.


Warm, moldy areas can attract animals such as bugs and rodents, especially during cold periods. The animals can slowly make their way into your home and move in rent free. These animals can chew at wood, ventilation, and other needed parts of the while. They can also leave fecal matter in your home which can create an even more dangerous air situation in your home as well.

The Fix

Have any of these problems or want to prevent these problems from arising in your home with a crawlspace? Consider crawlspace encapsulation to effectively stop these dangerous growths and gases in your home. Using the encapsulation process uses drains, sump pumps, and concretes to effectively release high temperatures and moisture within your crawlspace.

This not only keeps your family members healthy and happy, but can save you money in the long run. These issues can start out small, but growths can quickly run through the walls of your home and seep through your ventilation. Stopping these crawlspace issues ahead of time can save you large amounts in mold removal and wood replacement.

SafeSeal is the leader in Chicago crawlspace encapsulation. Whether you have crawlspace issues, basement leaks, foundation cracks, our team of experts can make your home safe and secure again. Learn more today!

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