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Benefits To Basement Waterproofing In Chicago

When homeowners think of home maintenance, few think of their basement area. Whether a older home or new construction, a basement space can be a very usable and productive room in for the entire family. Like any other rooms, basements must have some updates and maintenance to ensure optimal safety and usability in the home. Many homes in inclement weather areas choose to make coat their basement in a strong waterproof coating. Why is this popular? Learn why so many are choosing a waterproof coating for their homes!

Transform Your Basement

Is your current basement a musty laundry room that you dread going down to? Change and convert your basement over into a functional additional room in your home! Waterproofing your basement can reduce any mustiness or mold already in the area and prep your basement for years to come if you choose to drywall the room to create more square footage.

Save on Your Electric Bill

Basements with cracks and fractures in the foundation, floors or walls can be causing your energy bill to be extremely high. Many Chicago homes see extreme temperatures throughout the year, causing your HVAC and heaters to work harder than normal, increasing your bill. Don’t let your money slip through the cracks of your home. Applying a waterproof coating to your floors can help you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winters without throwing money out of your wallet.

Keep the Environment Healthy and Happy

Closed in areas with high moisture can be a breeding ground for mold. This means your basement is more prone to mold exposure. Prevent this from occurring by applying a basement coating that will keep mold at bay. Mold can grow rapidly and affect the health of your entire household. A waterproof basement coating can ensure that mold will not be a concern in your home for years to come.

No Surprise Messes

Imagine walking downstairs to a flooded basement? Where do you even begin? Basement water removal, demolding, and repair can lead to an astronomical maintenance bill. Be proactive and avoid the costs of fixing the problem by being prepared ahead of time with a waterproof coating.

Why Safe Seal?

Safe Seal is the leader in Chicago basement waterproofing and basement management. We prep basements throughout the greater Chicago area from having the damage and headache of a flooded or mold infested home. Prep your home today for years to come by giving Safe Seal a call today!

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