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Crawl Space Encapsulation is the best way to stop musty odors, mildew, mold / mold spores from entering the living space of our homes. If it is in our living space it is in the air we breath which can be very deter mental to our health. Black mold has beed known to cause damage the the nervous system and the brain. Why risk it? Yo and your family should be safe in you own WWhomer.

Another problem is Radon. Radon is a carcinogen that can cause cancer. Acceptable level are 4.0 and below. crawlspace encapsulation can help lower radon level.

WATER, HUMIDITY causes structural dame among other things . A Crawl Space Drainage System is an integral part of 99% of all crawl space encapsulation systems. Water and a food source are the perfect breeding ground for mold and other dangerous allergens. In this picture, the water was not at the surface of the crawlspace but just below the surface. I wasn’t until we started digging the trench for the drain tile did we find that water. We call this ground water. If the water table were to rise it would easily seen because it would surface water visible by just looking, The bottom line, water is lurking below the surface ready to cause problems if a water redirection system is not installed. We feel if is better to be safe than sorry, It is better to install a drain tile system before tragedy strikes. Preventive medicine goes along ways in preventing the un-predictable.

The Drain Tile System- Properly dug trench, Lava Rock Base, 4 inch socked Drain tile, More Lave Rock, 6 to 10 Mil Vapor Barrier, Wall Seepage System (critical for finished basements), 3 1/2 inches of Concrete and then 2 inches of Closed cell Spray Foam insulation to complete the Crawl Space Encapsulation Process.

The drain tile system is connected to an 18″ x 30″ sump basin. Companies the use only a 24″ deep sump basin are doing you a disservice and are taking a short cut that could lead to the sump basin being overwhelmed.

When Safe Seal installs “Concrete Only” we do not Warranty Against Water Seepage’

In Chicago, Rats love living in crawlspaces. I have never seen a rat eat through 3 1/2 to 4 inches of concrete. Ask if a pool liner could solve this problem. Hint,,, the answer is no. They will eat right through it and make your crawl space their home. Safe Seal will make your crawlspace RAT PROOF!

Cute? We think not!