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Moisture Barriers For Basement Walls Chicago

Safe Seal offers specialized, full-service waterproofing solutions, recognizing that a universal approach doesn’t fit every situation. We often recommend exterior waterproofing, which includes the installation of moisture barriers for basement walls, as this method effectively halts water infiltration at its source.

Exterior Waterproofing Membranes are waterproof barriers installed below ground on the exterior side of the foundation, acting as moisture barriers for basement walls. Unlike solid sheet materials, which can develop seams and leaks, Safe Seal utilizes a seamless, flexible polyurethane liquid membrane applied with a hand trowel. After curing, this material forms a continuous, leak-proof coating that serves as an effective moisture barrier for basement walls.

Exterior Waterproofing Membranes are particularly useful in scenarios where interior waterproofing is impractical or insufficient. They are ideal for preventing seepage over the top of the foundation, addressing porous honeycombed concrete, protecting masonry foundations from erosion and cracking, and preserving the condition of finished basements without the need for demolition or construction.

The exterior waterproofing process involves excavating a trench around the foundation, applying a robust membrane coating to the foundation wall, and forming a continuous moisture barrier. The trench is then refilled with the excavated soil, completing the waterproofing process.

However, exterior waterproofing may not always be suitable, such as when external obstructions make it too difficult or expensive to access the foundation, or when space constraints impede the excavation process. In cases where water is seeping through basement floor cracks, an Interior Drain Tile System might be more appropriate.

For homeowners considering exterior waterproofing and the use of moisture barriers for basement walls, Safe Seal offers free consultations to determine the best waterproofing strategy for their home.