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Barrington Crawl Spaces & Basement Waterproofing

Are you tired of wasting your money every month to store your items in a storage unit? Why not use your basement or crawl space as storage space and save that money?! Safe Seal Solutions can help you turn that basement or crawl space into a functional, protected, inviting part of your home.

When it comes to issues in crawl spaces and basements in Barrington, water is the number one culprit. For example, if there is an unfinished surface or floor in the basement or crawl space, in the event that water levels rise, it will get in the residence and can just sit. If the water just sits it can potentially cause mold and mildew. Not to mention, the water will start to corrode the floor/surface and become the perfect place for insect infestation.

The Safe Seal Solution is a system that will effectively solve these problems to create a barrier between your basement or crawl space and the ground. A suitable drainage system, a legitimate true vapor barrier, drainage board, and concrete are the only methods we utilize to ensure your surfaces stay dry. Plastic material all by itself is not a remedy to water, radon, rodents, or mold.

You wouldn’t build a foundation to your home made of plastic and tape. Standard building practice is concrete. This is how a solid, protected basement or crawl space is made. Why wouldn’t you use these methods for your home?

Barrington Foundation Waterproofing

Do you have water seeping in from the ground or cracks in your surfaces? Safe Seal Solutions is a complete service foundation refinishing agency! Different types of foundations will require different solutions. No matter what problems you’re having in your Barrington basement or crawl space, Safe Seal has a treatment. Some examples are: water redirection, sewer back up prevention, utilizing concrete to finish surfaces (instead of plastic barriers that can rip or get punctured). For foundation cracks, we inject the crack from the inside with a two part epoxy and seal it with polyurethane foam. These methods can guarantee your foundation is completely sealed and moisture is locked out.

If you’re having concerns regarding your crawl space or basement in your Barrington home, well Safe Seal Solutions is here to help! We’re a company that can be trusted and we back up our work every time. If you’re not satisfied with our work, we offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty. Call us or go online at for your free and honest estimate.

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