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Basement Waterproofing in Antioch

Are you tired of wasting money every month to store your stuff at an outside storage unit? Why not turn your crawlspace into a storage space. Your crawlspace can act as a great alternative with a few fixes with Safe Seal Solutions. We have a lifetime warranty to back our work and give you peace of mind as well as a whole new storage space in your home …the crawlspace, and it is easier than you would think.

If you want to prevent a couple of concerns in your crawl space or if you have a home in Antioch IL with a crawlspace, Safe Seal Solutions is right here to provide you the help you need. 100% of the problems correlated with crawl spaces are connected with one critical issue: water.

Water is a big problem when it comes to crawl spaces in Antioch. When the water level rises and there is an unfinished surface underneath the house, like a crawlspace or unfinished basement, water will get inside the property. If the infiltrating water sits, it will generate mold and mildew. Then, the water will start to corrode the floor and give critters a perfect place to spread. An effective solution for this problem is to create a barrier between your crawlspace and the ground. Many systems on the market now include Plastic and tape….these materials are not a resolution to water, radon, rodents, or mold, they only cover the problem and hide it but do not resolve it. has a system that will develop a TRUE vapor barrier and safeguard against water mold, rodent and even radon gas in some cases. Safe seal’s system utilizes a suitable drainage system, a legitimate vapor barrier, drainage board, and concrete. This is how modern building requires basements to be put together. Why wouldn’t you fix your crawl space using these same methods?

Foundation Waterproofing

Are the foundation walls in your Antioch home starting to seep out from cracks? Safe Seal Solutions is a full service foundation refinishing company! Different types of foundations, require different solutions. Whatever the issue is in your Antioch basement or crawl space we have a remedy. We’ll use solutions that work to waterproofing, water redirection and sewer back up prevention systems to ensure your basement or crawl space stays dry. Instead of using a plastic barrier with tape (that can easily tear, rip or puncture), we use concrete to guarantee your crawl space or basement is completely sealed and moisture is locked out for good.

We know Antioch customers want a company they can trust. We are confident we will get the job done right the very first time we do it and if we don’t, we fix it at zero cost to you. That’s why offers a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all our projects. Our strategies have proven to last the life of the residence. Our approach has been imitated but has never been duplicated. When your Antioch home is in need of foundation repairs or crawl space repair, give us a call or apply for an estimate online. Let our experts find the cause to your basement or crawl space problems.

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