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Benefits Of An Overhead Sewer System

Live in an area where homes often have basements? These a functional and often fun rooms for the family to enjoy. Whether a laundry room, a storage area, or a fun bonus room, basements can be extremely beneficial to the home. But what happens if this room turns dangerous or expensive? This happens often when basements have sewer issues. The source is often from sewage systems that are running below the basement, instead of above it. Choosing or renovating a home with a basement should include an overhead sewer system. But why choose this method? Here are some of the great benefits of an overhead sewer system.

Make Your Basement Safe And Secure

As we mentioned above, many basements have issues that start with the sewer system being below the basement concrete. If there is a leak or burst, your basement is going to seep sewage smells through the concrete over time. Choosing to install an overhead sewer system not only alleviates stinky concrete, but if there ever is a plumbing issue, your repair costs will likely be lower. Instead of driving through concrete to reach pipes, your pipes will be easily accessible from the basement and there will only likely be drywall at most blocking the pipes.

Reduce Insurance Costs And Increased Assessed Value

Having a preferred septic method installed in your home can help make your home more attractive as an investment compared to other houses in the area. Home prices and insurance costs are very dependent on the products and amenities in a home. Choosing an overhead sewer system reduces the possibility of basement issues, which in turn makes the extra space and/or room more attractive to buyers. Insurance companies see the home as less likely to have issues and can use this as a factor in insurance costs on the home.

Quality Products

More homeowners and contractors are choosing to install overhead sewer systems not only because of the home values and safety, but also because these are quality products that will stand the test of time. You are building or remodeling your home to stand the test of time. Make sure your plumbing and sewer will be there at the end as well by choosing a trusted system that effectively transfers sewer.

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