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The foundation of your home is the literal core of the building. Without a strong foundation, the strength of your home is severely reduced and can cause major repair issues. Many homes in the Chicago, IL area deal with the possibility of foundation woes thanks to excess moisture and the age of the homes. This can cause cracks throughout your foundation, cause basement leaks, and even major settling issues throughout your entire house. If this is occurring, what can you do fix the foundation problem? One of the best options is to start foundation repairs in Chicago using pinning to brace your foundation.

What Is Foundation Repair Pinning in Chicago?

Foundation pinning—and more specifically our Chicago foundation pinning solution—increases foundation strength, depth, and helps relieve the stress on faulty foundations. Foundation pinning becomes necessary when cracks around ¼ inch become visible in either the interior or the exterior of the home. Foundation failures can also be heaved foundations, buckled walls, or cracks in the floor. This means if you are seeing cracks in your basement or the first floor of your home, it is extremely likely something is amiss your home’s foundation.

Screw piles and brackets are the most popular means of alleviating many foundation problems. Using various tension and compressions with brackets and braces, our team is able to stabilize the foundation issues in your home with ease.

Another method to complete foundation repairs in Chicago is to use pile and beams. A min-pile is used to drive into each side of the wall and stabilize the foundation. A reinforced needle beam made of concrete is created to help stabilize the foundation and acts of the new core for that side of the foundation.

Benefits Of Underpinning Foundation to The Chicago Consumer

Using these techniques to boost the safety and value of the home is especially important for buyers, sellers and homeowners. Here are some of the great benefits:

  • Potential Insurance Reduction
  • Higher Home Sale Value
  • Ability to Renovate Historic Homes
  • Reduced Utility Bills
  • Mold Reduction in Basements

These are just some of the great benefits you will find by being proactive and pinning your foundation issues before they get worse. Learn more about Chicago foundation pinning with Safe Seal by contacting us today!