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Fixing a Crawlspace in Addison Illinois

When is the last time you have ventured into your crawl space? For most homeowners, in and around Addison the crawl space is a cold, dark scary place which they tend to ignore; the old saying “Out of sight, out of mind” comes into play.  Interesting fact:  homes being built today do not have a vented crawl space nor are the crawl spaces left with a dirt or gravel floor.  Instead, building science and building codes have changed for the better and have eliminated the vented crawlspace design.  Why?  The design was flawed from the beginning in a climate like we have in Addison, IL.  This type of vented crawlspace caused many problems such as high moisture levels, crawl space mold and mildew and many more.  Now building codes require a concrete slab and proper drainage as part of the current design standard.  The reason; a vented crawl space with only dirt or gravel allows cold-dry air into the home which vastly increases energy consumption which leads to high energy bills and uncomfortably low relative humidity within the home.   And no surprise the crawl space experiences the same problem in the summer weather too.  Except during the summer the culprit is hot humid air which will increase crawl space moisture, resulting in a home that becomes uncomfortable due to the high moisture levels coming from the crawl space.  A musty crawlspace means you have a damp crawl space that is unsightly, unsafe and unhealthy. Safe Seal will install a crawl space system designed for your home in Addison, IL to fit your needs and budget.  Whether Safe Seal installs a permanent vapor barrier, or a full concrete crawlspace encapsulation, the crawl space solutions offered will utilize the best materials available.  The Safe Seal solution comes with a full warranty to insure performance for the lifetime of your home.

Foundation Waterproofing: In Addison Il.

A home with a crawl space where the occupants are breathing in air from the crawlspace, is called the stack affect.  Mold and mildews are microscopic organisms that love and live in damp, dark environments found in a typical crawlspace.  They’re all over – an ordinary part of the atmosphere within a crawl space that breaks down and eats anything that contains organic matter.   Mold spores are a great example.   Mold spores can feed on a wide range of materials, dust, dirt, wood products, insulation, drywall and carpet.  And in Midwestern climates like those found in Addison circumstances are ripe for mold populations to explode.  Mold continues growing and reproducing on moist surfaces until it eventually annihilates the entire food source, a food source that happens to be part of your home.  Mold spreads quickly and simply by producing millions of floating, airborne spores.  When these mold spores infiltrate the home, the produced result is terribly unhealthy for families.  Health issues related to mold in your crawlspace can include symptoms like; respiratory problems and nasal and sinus congestion, skin, eye, nose and throat irritations.  And many people are at elevated risk: particularly infants, children, pregnant women, and the elderly, for even more severe health effects.  Persons suffering with chronic lung disease can experience serious infections when they are exposed to crawl space mold.   The take away should be that, Addison homeowners want to improve their crawlspace to improve the air quality for their overall home health.  That’s why families in the Addison area have  contacted a trusted partner in  to resolve crawl space mold as a challenge. And mold is not limited to a crawlspace your basement works in the same way.  If there are leaks on the floors of your basement then it’s pretty obvious that it needs waterproofing.  Other leaks may not be as obvious…the foundation walls may have cracks hidden behind drywall …these can be a mold haven and need to be addressed.  Safe Seal is adept at waterproofing foundation walls with a two-part epoxy injection.  When it comes to foundation waterproofing there can be a large variance in the treatment and repair of a foundation crack as not all houses are built the exact same way. Safe Seal understands these variances and how to waterproof basements to make yours a dry one!

Addison Crawl Space Statistics

Addison, IL has population of approximately 40,000 people with about 20,100 different homes.  Addison is 18.6 miles west of Chicago in the county of DuPage.  Home owners in Addison choose to fix their crawl space, basement, and all waterproofing needs.  The Village of Addison knows that SafeSeal is a preferred choice when it comes to Addison homeowners and their basement waterproofing needs.  So apply for a free estimate today at!

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