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How To Combat Extreme Chicago Temperatures With Crawlspace Encapsulation

One of the biggest home energy savings can be accomplished with a home improvement you would not think of.

You spend little to no time in this part of your home so keeping it temperature controlled is not really on your to do list, but by ignoring this space you are tossing $1000’s of dollars in energy inefficiencies into a hole.  The solution is right below your feet.  Make your crawlspace energy efficient by using an encapsulation method from Safe

Keep your home warm during extreme Chicago freezes with crawlspace encapsulation by Safe Seal

Home performance experts agree, the best way to save on energy consumption is to air seal and insulate.  So how do you seal and insulate below your home in a crawlspace?   The only way to truly seal that crawlspace is to remove all moisture and create a barrier from the elements. Spray foam insulation is the obvious choice for the encapsulation process.   But you can’t use spray foam insulation in an unconditioned space.  This is where Safe comes in.

A concrete floor with a Vapor lock barrier made from materials that are impervious to concrete’s corrosive properties called a Vapor Mat is the only way to guarantee success.   A Vapor Mat seals out all ground contaminates associated with a unfinished crawlspace and this Vapor Mat is the best solution available on the market, leaps and bounds above plastic and tape.  A Vapor mat and concrete combined with an interior drain tile and sump pit system to evacuate and eliminate moisture preps your crawlspace to be insulated properly.  Once these 1st steps are completed, your crawlspace is ready for spray foam.

Safe Seal’s Encapsulation System uses closed cell spray foam along the walls creating a complete seal from moisture as well as outside temperatures and air infiltration.

Common sense dictates that a sealed, conditioned crawlspace will keep your floors warmer in winter, but it will also keep the air drier in the summer resulting in less humidity. On average a home with an encapsulated crawlspace vs. one without a Safe Seal encapsulated crawlspace will have an energy savings of 15-35% in a Chicago winter.

Being more efficient from the ground up is a common sense approach to saving energy and money on those polar vortex days in Chicagoland.  Couple these benefits with a lifetime transferable warranty and you can’t lose.

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