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Living in an area with moderate to high levels of rainfall can cause unexpected issues for property owners, especially in the Chicago area. The climate is constantly changing and snowfall can be a major issue is the city and surrounding suburbs. Heavy rain and snowfall can cause standing water (or giant pools of water) on your property creating soppy areas and possibly even foundation issues with your home. But what can you do to stop these issues from occurring? You can’t stop the weather, but you can redirect its effects using a water redirection system from Safe Seal. We offer the best yard drainage solutions to keep your property dry. We make sure water drains out of your yard, not back into your house!

What is a Water Redirection System?

A water redirection system is similar to what it sounds like. These systems enable the homeowner to divert water collections on their yard from high-use areas and away from the foundations and basements of their homes. Rain can often fall fast in the Chicago area and water often becomes stagnant or flows towards low-lying areas in your yard which can cause pooling on the property and near the foundation. Stopping this is an absolute must in order to maintain or increase property value and safety. This can be completed with a water redirection system. The system simply creates a pathway for water on the property to be diverted from the low-lying areas in your yard, to areas of lesser concern or towards drainage areas. This is a permanent yard drainage solution!

How Does A Water Redirection System Work?

There are many forms of Chicago water redirection, but one of the most popular is the creation of a shallow ditch along the home. This creates a suitable area for water to pool down into a safe area that creates little to no hazard to your property. These are often installed along the perimeter of your property line as to not hinder property use. You can also consider a French drain which is similar to a drainage ditch, but is underground. This can be used when you need water redirection near your home, but wish to not have an unattractive ditch on your property. This can be easily completed with only a small gravel area that is noticeable. A catch basin is another option which creates a grate near the area and redirects the excess moisture underground, away from your property.

Benefits of Our Drainage Solutions

Water Redirection Systems can be extremely beneficial to your home and yard. A system can help Chicago homeowners by:

  • Reducing Insurance Costs
  • Increasing Home Values
  • Increases Home Safety

Learn more about how Safe Seal’s water redirection system can be your solution for your Chicago and suburban Illinois residence by contacting us today!