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Most Common Causes Of a Sewer Backup

No homeowner wants to deal with a sewer clog. It can be a dirty, difficult, and expensive fix to clear a sewer backup. Sewer backups are most common in under-slab sewer systems that are often found in older homes. Although an overhead sewer backup system is the best option to eliminate all backup issues, here are some of the most common causes of sewer backups in older homes.


Remember how mom and dad used to yell at you for flushing things other than toilet paper down the toilet? Remember being told not to stuff your entire meal down the sink? Turns out, momma does know best. Larger items that are not degradable cause blockages in pipes leading to the sewer system and if they make it into the system they can cause a backup at the source. This can be extremely expensive to fix if not attended to in a proper timeframe. Be sure to avoid pouring grease and fat down drains as well, as these can harden your pipes causing blockages.

Root Growth

Have trees in your yard? Turns out they may be pretty, but they can severely damage your sewer systems. Tree roots grow fast and throughout yards quickly. The growth can reach already laid pipes in the yard and the roots can lift and break pipes. Tree roots are also known to push through and grow into pipes can leaks in your yard, reduced pressure, and system failure.

Collapsed Pipes

If you purchased an older home, the system may have unknown issues that you cannot see from inspections. Pipes do deteriorate over time and can cause a sewer collapse. Older pipes that may not meet the current codes are likely installed if you are having this issue. Even cracks in pipes can cause your system to quickly fail. Having your older sewer system evaluated is a must that can save you thousands.

How Do I Know What Is Wrong

Calling a company like SafeSeal can quickly determine what is happening to your sewer system. Have SafeSeal run a video through your sewer system and specifically create a plan to update your system.

What Is The Best Way To Update?

The leading new sewer system is the overhead sewer backup system. These systems are reconfigured to run uphill with force and push clogs through the sewer. These new systems have pipes that can stand the test of time and maximize your efficiency of your sewer system.

Ready to learn more about sewer backup systems today? Contact SafeSeal and learn more!

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