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Many basement and crawl space repair contractors will use chemically treated plastic sheeting to block, or defend against the dangerously corrosive properties of concrete. At Safe Seal, we take a safer, more effective approach to protecting and dehumidifying your basement.

Impervious to the aforementioned corrosiveness of concrete, our crawl space vapor & moisture barrier defends against concrete contaminants like an iron fortress.

Used for damp proofing, a crawl space vapor barrier is designed to thwart moisture diffusion throughout the foundation of your home. In other words, vapor diffusion minimizes the speed at which water vapor moves through surfaces (such as wood and concrete). What makes vapor barriers—or to be more precise, vapor diffusion retarders—so unique is their versatility and adaptability to humidity. Vapor barriers are able to stand up to different types of weather conditions and climates, which is what makes them the perfect moisture control solution to dehumidify your Chicago, IL area home. At Safe Seal, our vapor barrier in Chicago is the best method to protecting your home from the dangers of an unfinished crawl space

Permanent, Affordable Solution to Dehumidify Your Crawl Space & Basement In Chicago

For more information and pricing regarding our vapor & moisture barriers, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We do basement and crawl space vapor barriers in Chicago safely and affordably.