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Cracks In Basement Floor Chicago

While homeowners may be concerned about cracks in basement concrete floors, Safe Seal simplifies the process of foundation crack repairs, making it straightforward and minimally invasive. Such cracks are often the primary source of seepage in basements or crawl spaces. Various factors, including the natural curing and shrinking of concrete, the structural load of a house, and soil moisture changes due to weather conditions, can lead to cracks in basement concrete floors.

Over time, as concrete dries and contracts, it may develop cracks. The foundation bears the weight of the house, and soil moisture fluctuations due to weather can cause the ground to expand and contract, potentially leading to settlement and cracking in the foundation and basement concrete floors. Furthermore, heavy rainfall or snowmelt can saturate the soil adjacent to foundation walls, exerting additional stress and possibly causing cracks in basement concrete floors.

Most of these cracks are small and extend vertically or diagonally, often leading to seepage that can damage property and affect the healthiness of the living space. However, cracks wider than 1/8 of an inch in basement concrete floors may indicate structural issues, with horizontal cracks also signifying potential problems.

Safe Seal addresses cracks in basement concrete floors through interior or exterior repairs, depending on the basement’s condition. For accessible cracks, an Epoxy/Urethane Injection process is used to seal and fill the crack to prevent further seepage. Even with obstructions like paneling or drywall, Safe Seal can perform the necessary repairs, ensuring a thorough and lasting solution for cracks in basement concrete floors. To ensure a durable fix and provide homeowners peace of mind, Safe Seal offers a free consultation for assessing and addressing foundation cracks.